Best BSN Programs in New York in 2023 (Online & On-Campus)

Best BSN Programs in New York in 2023 (Online & On-Campus)

best bsn programs in new york

If you’re looking for a satisfying, in-demand career where you can make a difference, nursing may be the right option for you. More hospitals and employers are requiring nurses to hold a BSN degree to practice in their facilities, so attending one of the best BSN programs in New York will give you the advantage and skills you need in your career. There are many accredited BSN programs in New York to choose from that are offered by excellent schools. A good BSN program will incorporate community health, research, clinical experience, leadership, health promotion and managerial skills. Nurses with a BSN usually work in community settings and hold leadership roles within their employment, due to their education and training. There are plenty of great nursing schools in NY to choose from.

Be sure to look at the New York Board of Nursing requirements for a nursing license and make sure that program meets all of the requirements. If a program achieves less than a 75% pass rate on the licensing exam, the school could risk losing its accreditation. Make sure the school is accredited so you don’t waste any time or money. Some of these schools also offer accelerated nursing programs in NY.

BSN programs in New York have requirements in order to apply, so you’ll want to be sure to research the requirements and have them prepared. Some requirements vary, but below is an example of what most schools require for their BSN program.

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Achieving a minimum standard grade of C+ or better in prerequisite courses
  • Must write an essay that expresses an interest in, and commitment to, the nursing profession

The following schools have some of the best BSN programs in New York that are based on pass rate, acceptance rate, and cost.

1. Adelphi University

Adelphi University Best BSN Programs in New York

Adelphi University currently enrolls over 7,000 students with a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Adelphi offers a BSN program, as well as an accelerated BSN program and an RN to BSN program. Students who graduate from these programs learn concepts relating to the promotion of health, care during illness and long-term care, which allows them to find careers in a competitive field.

  • Pass Rate: 78.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 73.1%
  • Tuition/year: $35,430

2. New York University

new york university Best BSN Program in New York

New York University offers one of the best BSN programs in New York and in the nation, and for good reason. Students will be prepared to pass the NCEX, receive clinical education from the most prestigious medical centers in the world, and will be taught by nationally recognized faculty. Students who graduate are qualified to be a generalist nurse by the AACN.

  • Pass Rate: 85.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 33%
  • Tuition/year: $50,464

3. University of Rochester

university of rochester Best BSN Degrees in New York

Although the University of Rochester doesn’t offer a traditional BSN program, there are several ways a student can get a bachelor’s of nursing degree. Rochester offers a 3+1 program where students can take three years at Rochester Community College then take their last year at the school of nursing. They also offer a dual degree which allows students to combine their interest in nursing with a specific academic discipline that allows them to acquire a BSN in four-and-a-half years. Rochester also offers an accelerated program for students who already have a bachelor degree that allows them to become a nurse in 12 months.

  • Pass Rate: 94.1%
  • Acceptance Rate: 34%
  • Tuition/year: $49,260

4. Molloy College

Molloy College Best BSN Degree in New York

Molloy College opened its doors in 1955 and is now Money Magazine’s #1 “Value All-Star” in the nation. Molloy offers students an excellent and personal experience with a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio and a high chance for financial aid. Molloy’s BSN program is a total of 128 credits. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 and can only pass courses with a C+ or higher.

  • Pass Rate: 91.8%
  • Acceptance Rate:
  • Tuition/year: $14,555

5. Binghamton University

binghamton university Best BSN Colleges in New York

Binghamton University has multiple nursing programs for all kinds of students. They have accelerated programs, dual programs, transfer programs, and the traditional four-year BSN program. The degree requires 126 credits and students wishing to enter must show strength in chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

  • Pass Rate: 88.5%
  • Acceptance Rate: 42%
  • Tuition/year: $6,470

6. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University Best BSN College in New York

Stony Brook University has a basic and accelerated BSN program. The traditional program requires students to complete two years of general education studies before studying patient-centered nursing practices. Both programs prepare students for the NCLEX exam.

  • Pass Rate: 97.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 40.7%
  • Tuition/year: $6,470

7. St. John Fisher College

St. John Fisher College Best BSN Schools in New York

St. John Fisher College‘s nursing program is grounded in evidence-based practice and discipline knowledge. Students will have the chance to study in Wegman’s School of Nursing simulation center, which mirrors an actual hospital setting. Students who graduate from the program are prepared for an entry-level general nursing role and are often recruited in places where they studied in student placement clinical practices.

  • Pass Rate: 89.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 67.9%
  • Tuition/year: $33,500%

8. Wagner College

Wagner College Best BSN School in New York

Wagner University has one of the best BSN programs in New York designed to prepare students to promote, maintain, and restore the health of the community. Students will study the stressors that affect health, expand their knowledge of the medical field, and develop leadership roles as professional nurses.

  • Pass Rate: 92%
  • Acceptance Rate: 72.2%
  • Tuition/year: $43,500

9. Pace University

Pace University Best BSN Class in New York

Pace University has been educating professionals since 1906, and their nursing program is no exception. Their BSN program provides skills and techniques from the get-go. Students are given state-of-the-art training from respected instructors. They will be given opportunities to utilize and practice their skills with video reviews for self-evaluation.

  • Pass Rate: 89.1%
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • Tuition/year: $43,986

10. D’Youville College

D'Youville University Best BSN Classes in New York

D’Youville is a private college with about 3,000 students. For over 70 years, the BSN program has been teaching students interpersonal and communication skills, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving. If you’re interested in becoming a nursing professional, D’Youville is a great place to start.

  • Pass Rate: 85.3%
  • Acceptance Rate: 68.8%
  • Tuition/year: $26,120

11. University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo Best BSN Courses in New York

The University at Buffalo has a rigorous nursing program comprising of a robust curriculum, clinical nursing, and general education. Buffalo is dedicated to making sure students have the professional training and skills necessary to succeed in the work field.

  • Pass Rate: 97.3%
  • Acceptance Rate: 57.8%
  • Tuition/year: $6,770

12. Concordia College

Concordia College Best BSN Course in New York

Concordia College has been educating students since 1881 with a Lutheran heritage and faith-based learning environment. Their BSN program will provide you with all the tools needed to keep up in the fast-paced healthcare environment. With small classes and hands-on practice, Concordia College produces some of the best nurses in the state.

  • Pass Rate: 96.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Tuition/year: $36,650

13. Elmira College

Elmira College Best BSN Programs in New York

Elmira College is a private college founded in 1855. In the nursing program, students go through extensive state-of-the-art facilities. After completing general studies, students will learn enhanced concepts and will experience in-depth concentrated hospital experience.

  • Pass Rate: 81.7%
  • Acceptance Rate: 82.2%
  • Tuition/year: $41,900

14. Hartwick College

Hartwick College Best BSN Program in New York

Hartwick College offers students an unparalleled learning environment and is committed to making education accessible and affordable. Its nursing program is challenging and thorough, and students will receive hands-on training in clinical practice. The BSN may be completed in the traditional four-year program or a three-year program.

  • Pass Rate: 87.5%
  • Acceptance Rate: 81%
  • Tuition/year: $44,134

15. CUNY Hunter College

CUNY Hunter College Best BSN Degrees in New York

CUNY Hunter College was founded in 1870 and is located in the heart of Manhattan. The BSN offers a humanistic and comprehensive study in health care. Students who graduate the program are eligible for the NCLEX and are prepared for graduate studies in a master’s degree in nursing.

  • Pass Rate: 87.3%
  • Acceptance Rate: 34.8%
  • Tuition/year: $6,330

16. College of Mount Saint Vincent

College of Mount Saint Vincent Best BSN Degree in New York

The College of Mount Saint Vincent has over 1,800 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1. To get into the nursing program students must have the recommendation of their advisor and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

  • Pass Rate: 72.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 86%
  • Tuition/year: $34,250

17. SUNY Farmingdale State College

SUNY Farmingdale State College Best BSN Colleges in New York

Farmingdale State College is recognized as a center of applied learning and excellence in teaching. The BSN program is made up of 125 credits and must maintain a C+ or higher to remain in the college. Free tutoring and information sessions are provided weekly.

  • Pass Rate: 93.9%
  • Acceptance Rate: 46.7%
  • Tuition/year: $6,470

18. Long Island University

Long Island University Best BSN College in New York

Long Island University was founded in 1926 and has empowered students ever since. Their BSN program is offered part-time, full time, or as an accelerated 2nd degree. Students will learn basic nursing science and become a health care provider.

  • Pass Rate: 81.2%
  • Acceptance Rate: 86.3%
  • Tuition/year: $36,978

19. Utica College

Utica College Best BSN Schools in New York

Utica College was founded in 1946 as a private, comprehensive college. Their BSN program is perfect for students who are empathetic, calm, and not overwhelmed by the fast-paced healthcare environments. The college will provide students with a liberal education to become a primary, healthcare provider.

  • Pass Rate: 79%
  • Acceptance Rate: 83%
  • Tuition/year: $19,996

20. Roberts Wesleyan College

roberts wesleyan college Best BSN School in New York

Roberts Wesleyan College is a Christian college with an education worth the investment. Their nursing program trains students to view patients as holistic beings with bio-psycho-social-spiritual components. They will have a variety of observation opportunities and clinical experience.

  • Pass Rate: 80.9%
  • Acceptance Rate: 68.8%
  • Tuition/year: $28,486

21. SUNY Polytechnic Institute

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Best BSN Classes in New York

SUNY Polytechnic Institute offers one of the best BSN programs in New York in a hybrid format with courses offered in the classroom or online. The program provides comprehensive health assessments, nursing research, and evidence-based practice in leadership and healthcare.

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 51.6%
  • Tuition/year: $7,910

22. Le Moyne College

Le Moyne College Best BSN Class in New York

Le Moyne College is a private Jesuit college and provides nearly 100% of their students with financial assistance. The nursing program focuses on caring for the whole person and will teach students the values, concepts, and perceptions of clients to become a better leader in the healthcare field.

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • Tuition/year: $33,560

23. Nazareth College

Nazareth College Best BSN Courses in New York

Nazareth College was founded in 1924 and is located in near Rochester. Students in the BSN program will receive personal attention and gain experience in a clinical, ambulatory, and community-based setting. Students will be taught problem-solving and data analysis skills to help them become some of the best nurses in the healthcare field.

  • Pass Rate: 95.2%
  • Acceptance Rate: 70.5%
  • Tuition/year: $34,724

24. Niagara University

Niagara University Best BSN Course in New York

Niagara University is a private university with a Catholic tradition founded in 1856. Their nursing program integrates students into a professional nursing paradigm. The program is designed to educate students to lead, manage, and deliver customer care in a hospital setting.

  • Pass Rate: 80.8%
  • Acceptance Rate: 65.9%
  • Tuition/year: $31,700

25. Touro College

Touro College Best BSN Programs in New York

Touro College offers some of the best possible education with top-notch programs. Their BSN program is 125 credits and gives core healthcare sciences and curriculum. Students graduate with excellent performance and most students gain positions immediately after graduation.

  • Pass Rate: 66.1%
  • Acceptance Rate: 29.8%
  • Tuition/year: $13,250

26. Daemen College

Daemen CollegeBest BSN Program in New York

Daemen College is a private, comprehensive college that teaches students to creatively problem solve and think critically. Daemen offers a 1+2+1 program and provides students with evidence-based practice and leadership skills. This program allows students to enjoy a 4-year college experience while acquiring both an associate and bachelor degree.

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 54.9%
  • Tuition/year: $26,400

27. College at Brockport

College at Brockport Best BSN Degrees in New York

The College at Brockport was established in 1835 and has over 750 instructional faculty members. Their BSN program will prepare students to care for families, difficult patients, and communities in both a disciplinary and clinical environment.

  • Pass Rate: 86.5%
  • Acceptance Rate: 48.9%
  • Tuition/year: $6,470

28. SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh is a four-year, public university that is accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Nursing students work with dedicated faculty and industry leaders in a highly respected and competitive 120-credit BSN program. SUNY Plattsburgh provides outstanding resources and experiences, including a state-of-the-art simulation center with high-fidelity mannequins, integrated electronic medical record (EMR), and online access to classroom resources.

  • Pass Rate: 90.2%
  • Acceptance Rate: 49.7%
  • Tuition/year: $6,470

29. Russell Sage CollegeRussell Sage College Best BSN Colleges in New York

Russell Sage College, also known as The Sage Colleges, is a four-year, comprehensive college for women. The nursing program here knows nurses are crucial links in the healthcare system, so they want to produce the best nurses in the field. The program requires 120 credits, approximately six semesters, with transfer students welcome

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 53.9%
  • Tuition/year: Approximately $7,

30. Mount Saint Mary College

Mount Saint Mary College is a private, four-year liberal arts college. Its prestigious Nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Mount Nursing students enjoy state-of-the-art simulation labs and clinical relationships with more than 40 area hospitals. The Mount’s passionate faculty are dedicated to the success of their undergraduate and graduate students. To be admitted, students must have a 2.75 GPA. The accelerated program offers six start dates each year.

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 89.6%
  • Tuition/year: $28,048

31. Nyack College

Nyack College Best BSN Schools in New York

Nyack College is a Christian college, seminary, and graduate school. Nyack’s nursing program offers small and intimate classes with a student-centered perspective. Students will receive a practical application and real work experience and discover how to take Christian perspectives into the healthcare industry.

  • Pass Rate: 100%
  • Acceptance Rate: 98.6%
  • Tuition/year: $25,350

32. St Joseph’s College

St Joseph's College Best BSN School in New York

St. Joseph’s College was founded in 1916 and now enrolls 1,200 students. The college’s nursing program develops and supports a leader-centered environment and reflective practice. It integrates nursing knowledge, related sciences, and humanities to create life-long learners and professional nurses.

  • Pass Rate: 93.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 67.9%
  • Tuition/year: $27,230

33. Dominican College of Blauvelt

Dominican College of BlauveltBest BSN Classes in New York

Dominican College of Blauvelt is a military-friendly school founded in 1952. Admission requires a 2.7 GPA in the natural sciences and at least 70% in basic skills on the TEAS exam. Classes meet five times a week to adequately prepare students to make an impact as nurses in the world of healthcare.

  • Pass Rate: 71.4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 71.5%
  • Tuition/year: $26,578

34. New York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology Best BSN Class in New York

The New York Institute of Technology is a highly-ranked, not-for-profit university. They have one of the best BSN programs in New York that will prepare students for success in hospitals, private practices, schools, and more. Students will receive clinical learning opportunities in multiple care settings.

  • Pass Rate: 83.8%
  • Acceptance Rate: 67.8%
  • Tuition/year: $35,585

35. Keuka College

Keuka College Best BSN Courses in New York

Keuka College has been around for 125 years and seeks to create leaders and exceptional citizens. Their BSN program is unique in that it is a dual program, meaning you’ll earn degrees from Keuka College (B.S.) and Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing (A.A.S.). And you’ll be an RN by the end of your junior year.

  • Pass Rate: n/a
  • Acceptance Rate: 76.7%
  • Tuition/year:$28,501

36. SUNY Alfred State University

SUNY Alfred State University Best BSN Course in New York

Alfred State University has received numerous awards and rankings over the years, so it’s no surprise to see it here. Their nursing program serves as an academic foundation for advanced nursing studies that will increase students’ knowledge and skillset. Flexible learning style choices and clinical practices are provided to students.

  • Pass Rate: 89.2%
  • Acceptance Rate: 54%
  • Tuition/year: $16,320

37. SUNY Delhi

SUNY Delhi Best BSN Programs in New York

SUNY Delhi was established in 1913 and is now home to 3,500+ students. Delhi offers a dual degree in nursing, which allows you to gain two degrees in four years, an A.A.S and a B.S. Students will work with credentialed instructors in state-of-the-art facilities as well as be prepared to take the NCLEX exam at graduation.

  • Pass Rate: 78.6%
  • Acceptance Rate: 68.2%
  • Tuition/year: $6,670

38. Monroe College

Monroe College Best BSN Program in New York

Monroe College was founded in 1933 and offers a fully accredited BSN degree. Students who have completed their generals participate in rigorous nursing education with an excellent curriculum that integrates evidence-based practice and research. This degree will teach students concepts from health administration, public health, and a variety of electives.

  • Pass Rate: 92.9%
  • College Acceptance Rate: 40.3%
  • Tuition: $7,164/semester (full-time), $597/credit


Ranking Methodology

Schools on this list were ranked mostly by NCLEX-RN pass rates, with other quality-indicating factors such as tuition and acceptance rate slightly affecting the rankings to push the higher-quality schools toward the top. See our methodology page for more detail.

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