Colleges Responses to COVID 19 in Vermont

Colleges Responses to COVID 19 in Vermont

As the pandemic of COVID 19 continues to spread and every community has been affected in multiple ways, colleges have adapted and stepped up in surprising ways to aid their local communities. Colleges’ responses to COVID 19 in Vermont have shown how important these institutions for higher learning are to their local communities. They are not only providing education to those within their communities but also stepping up and providing personal protective equipment for local healthcare personnel and first responders that are caring for patients of COVID 19.

Here are Colleges Responses to COVID 19 in Vermont!

1. The University of Vermont

The University of Vermont Community Colleges Responses to COVID 19 in Vermont

The Larner College of Medicine at The University of Vermont has organized a team to collect and donate necessary PPE to protect frontline responders and healthcare workers during the COVID 19 outbreaks in their communities. This team has organized businesses that would have the personal protective equipment that they could donate to healthcare facilities across the state of Vermont. Individuals have personally contacted the business to ask for donations, they have collected items and distributed them to hospitals and facilities that are in the greatest need as they treat COVID 19 patients.

2. The Community College of Vermont

The Community College of Vermont includes 12 campuses throughout the state of Vermont to serve residents where ever they live in Vermont. Students attending classes The Community College of Vermont all had to stop in-person learning and transition to an online delivery method.

While many students are already working full-time and parents, this transition has been difficult but the faculty and staff have been very caring, understanding, and worked individually with each situation to help every student find success in these unprecedented times.

3. Vermont Technical College

While in-person learning has ceased temporarily at Vermont Technical College students continue to log in and learn remotely. With the passing of the CARES Act, Vermont Tech is strongly encouraging students to apply early for funds. These funds are meant to help college students who may have lost their jobs during the pandemic, who need assistance paying for their housing, food, or any school expenses.

4. Bennington College

Bennington College has joined others in doing what they can to help fight the COVID 19 pandemic. They have gathered all the 3-D printers on campus to lend to Hale Mountain Research to print face shields and PPE to donate to frontline healthcare workers that are caring for patients of COVID 19. In an effort to guarantee local hospitals and clinics have what they need to protect their employees, Hale Mountain is coordinating with Bennington to develop more PPE.


Community colleges’ responses to COVID 19 in Vermont have proven again how crucial these institutions are to local communities and American society. As they continue to provide education and training to those seeking careers as well as supporting their local communities when they need it the most.

Do you know of any other amazing college responses to COVID-19? Let us know so we can recognize them and add them to our list!

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