Best Nursing Schools in Charlotte, NC in 2023 (On-Campus & Online)

Best Nursing Schools in Charlotte, NC in 2023 (On-Campus & Online)

Best Nursing Schools in Charlotte, NC in 2020 (On-Campus & Online)Looking for a nursing school in North Carolina? You’re in luck. The Charlotte, NC area has some exceptional nursing programs. The nursing schools in Charlotte NC options range from certificates or associate degree nursing programs at the community college level to colleges and universities that offer RN-to-BSN, MSN, and DNP nursing programs.

Starting a successful nursing career requires attending and successfully completing a nursing program. There are many accredited nursing schools in Charlotte, NC. Choosing a top nursing program likely helps guarantee that you receive the best education, and best preparation for the exams that are required for you to obtain the required licensure for your career.

When you consider a nursing program, look for a nursing school program that is accredited, that offers a path to licensure, has a good reputation, and that meets all other requirements for the career that you want in nursing. Finding the program that suits you best is also important like RN to BSN schools or nursing assistant schools in Charlotte, NC. The outstanding salary, career diversity, and solid career foundation are just a few of the benefits of becoming a nurse. The programs offered at these best nursing schools in Charlotte, North Carolina prepares you for an outstanding nursing career.

Why Should I Consider Nursing Schools in Charlotte NC Area?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports an expected ‘much faster than average’ job growth rate for registered nurses, with an addition of more than 371,000 nursing jobs between 2018 and 2028, an exceptional job growth. There is an anticipated much faster than average job growth rate expected for other nurses, that choose a different career than that of a registered nurse.

When an individual considers attending a nursing program, they likely want information about each school, including information about NCLEX pass rates. The North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) and the National Council of the State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), report that the national NCLEX pass rate for 2018 BSN students averaged 92 percent and that the North Carolina NCLEX pass rate averaged 95 percent.

Many of the nursing schools in the Charlotte NC area have first-time NCLEX pass rates that surpass both the national average and the average for North Carolina. When you complete your nursing education at a Charlotte NC nursing school, you likely give yourself the gift of a high-quality nursing education that will start you on your path to a rewarding career in nursing and the potential to earn a great salary. Whether you’re looking for an RN to BSN program in NC or another type of nursing program, you’ll be sure to find an option here.

These best nursing programs in Charlotte NC feature opportunities to begin or advance your nursing career.

1. Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College Best Nursing Schools in Charlotte NC

Central Piedmont Community College is one of the best schools in Charlotte, NC for nursing. It offers students the opportunity to obtain an associate of applied science degree in nursing (ADN). The school has been graduating students with healthcare degrees for more than 50 years.

Learn the basics of nursing skills and build on your existing skills to implement professional nursing practices and behaviors. Collaborate with professional healthcare teams, and enhance your learning.

  • Tuition: $76 per credit hour
  • NCLEX first-time pass rate: 97%
  • Accreditation: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

2. Gaston College

Gaston College is located just a little over 20 miles outside downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The college offers an alternative to nursing schools in Charlotte NC if you prefer to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Receive your nursing education when you enroll in the ADN program that leads to the opportunity to become a registered nurse (RN), The school provides the tools for you to succeed in a dynamic work environment, and learn the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in your nursing career.

One good point about the nursing program at Gaston College is that your tuition decreases with each semester. Tuition costs provided here are the approximate tuition costs per credit hour for the first semester. Visit the tuition page on the school’s website for information about tuition for each additional semester.

  • Tuition: approx. $90.60 per credit hour
  • NCLEX first-time pass rate: 93%
  • Accreditation: ACEN

3. Carolinas College of Health Sciences

The Carolinas College of Health Sciences provides the opportunity for individuals with current LPN licensure to advance their career potential by completing the LPN to ADN program. Students admitted into the program receive some transfer credits, and receive instruction from staff members that have a minimum of MSN degree, along with some instructors with degrees in specialty areas. There are minimal additional fees for ADN students.

CCHS also offers a flexible online RN to BSN program, which you can complete in as little as 12 to 18 months. The RN to BSN program now features the student loan forgiveness program offered by the Atrium Health Loan Forgiveness program. There are no additional fees for students in the online RN to BSN program.

  • Tuition: $368 credit hour
  • NCLEX first time pass rate: 96%
  • Accreditation: Approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), ACEN

*Programmatic accreditation – pending upon graduation of the first class of students

4. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte offers students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN). Enroll in your choice of the fall semester or spring semester studies. The university prepares students to become well-qualified nurses, with the ability to work locally, nationally or internationally as a professional nurse. Students have the opportunity to pursue employment in clinics, hospitals, hospice facilities, home health, long-term care facilities or other healthcare settings.

The school is currently celebrating 50 years of educating nursing students.

  • Tuition: approx. $221.75
  • NCLEX first time pass rate: 95%
  • Accreditation: CCNE

5. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Do you want to further your nursing career after completing your basic nursing education program? The Cabarrus College of Health Sciences features the MSN program for students that want to pursue advanced roles in nursing. Choose your specialty track, from the option of the leadership track or the clinical research track. Enroll in the MSN program immediately after completing your Cabarrus College of Health Sciences RN to BSN program, or after already working in the nursing profession.

Students enrolling in the RN to BSN program have an excellent opportunity to reduce or eliminate their tuition costs. Atrium Health team members or alumni of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences or alumni of Mercy College earn a BSN at ‘virtually no cost,’ according to the program description. Students receive the opportunity for student loan forgiveness.

These 100 percent online programs offer full-time and part-time program options. An associate degree in nursing is also available.

  • Tuition: $407.93-$564.37 per credit hour
  • NCLEX first time pass rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

6. East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI)

The East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) has several locations for nursing education, along with a variety of nursing programs. One of the ECPI locations is in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte location allows students to begin their nursing education as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or go straight to the associate degree in nursing program (ADN).

The school touts its relationships with local medical facilities, including Carolinas Health Care Hospital, Novant Hospital-Medical, Caromont Hospital, the American Red Cross, and other locations. Earn your associate degree in as little as 18 months, and work in the Charlotte area at one of ECPI partner locations, or strike out on your own in your dream nursing career. The school offers additional nursing programs at other locations.

  • Tuition: approx. $590.62 per credit hour
  • NCLEX pass rate: 97%
  • Accreditation: South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, South Carolina Board of Nursing

7. Barton College

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of an online nursing degree from a school in your home state? Barton College, located in Wilson, offers the online RN to BSN program for students that cannot or do not wish to attend traditional classroom setting courses.

Transfer credits from your ADN to Barton College, and receive your RN to BSN to enhance your education and potentially broaden your career opportunities.

  • Tuition: $450 per credit hour
  • NCLEX first time pass rate: 91.67%
  • Accreditation: CCNE
8. Queens University of Charlotte

The Queens University of Charlotte is one of the best nursing schools in Charlotte NC and it invites you to earn your BSN in nursing, whether you already have a bachelor’s degree in another area, or if this is your first bachelor’s degree program. The school offers the traditional BSN program, beginning in the fall or spring semesters, and an online MSN program. Choose from several MSN specializations, including the Clinical Nurse Leader MSN, the Nurse Administrator MSN specialization, or the Nurse Educator MSN degree program.

Queens University of Charlotte is located in the heart of historic Charlotte, NC, the home of premier health care systems.

  • Tuition: $480-$510 per credit hour
  • NCLEX pass rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: CCNE, SACSCOC

9. Northeastern University – Charlotte

The Northeastern University Charlotte campus offers the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) degree for students that want to complete their nursing education in a fast-paced format. Complete your BSN degree in as little as 16 months, beginning your degree program at one of the three annual start dates.

The program consists of a rigorous on-site and online curriculum that you complete over four semesters. Students engage in nursing lab experiences and clinical rotations.

  • Tuition: $1,186 per credit hour
  • NCLEX first time pass rate: 87%
  • Accreditation: CCNE

Bonus Nursing Schools Online

Sacred Heart University

Although Sacred Heart University is located in Fairfield, Connecticut, the university offers several online nursing programs, including the MSN program for nurses that want to continue their nursing education. There are four specializations within the MSN online degree program. Choose your specialization from the nursing education, clinical nurse leader, nursing management and executive leadership, or the family nurse practitioner.

Sacred Heart University received several high rankings, including from Forbes, Hospital Newspaper, LendEDU, and other entities.

  • Tuition: $695 per credit hour
  • NCLEX pass rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: CCNE

Maryville University

The Maryville University Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree provides you with the opportunity to advance your nursing education and nursing career. Gain the skills to lead in a nursing setting, including in administrative leadership positions, academic positions, policy leadership, or in a specialized advanced nursing position.

The program is 100 percent online, with no required campus visits.

  • Tuition: $897 per credit hour
  • NCLEX pass rate: 100%
  • Accreditation: CCNE


We ranked each school by assigning a unique score for tuition rate per hour, NCLEX pass rate, and accreditation. We broke any ties by awarding the higher ranking to the school with the lower tuition rate.

We always do our best to be fair, honest, and accurate in our representation of each school. No school can pay us for a higher ranking. Any college or university wishing to be sponsored is listed separately and clearly labeled as SPONSORED.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee current tuition costs or other information, because colleges periodically change their tuition costs and other information. NCLEX pass rates also potentially change with each semester.

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