Ranking Methodology

Ranking Methodology

We know how important picking the right school for you is. There are a lot of factors to think about from location, program, tuition, faculty, student resources, graduation rate, and more. That’s why we created our college ranking list! Whatever you’re looking for to best fit your needs or goals, we’re here to help you pick the best school for you. Here are just a few ways to start your search.


Find a School based on a Specific Program

If you already have plans of what you want to study, finding a school based on their program could be the way to go. We’ve hand-picked the best programs and what you’ll need to apply to get you started on your way to your dream degree.

Find a School based on a Specific Location

When it comes to nursing, the state you study in is especially important because it will dictate where you get your licensure. Whether you want to stay home or move across the nation, we can help you find the best schools in every state. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest tuition, smallest class size, or best online options, we’ll help you find it!


Find a School based on Cost

Sometimes the most important factor is how much the degree will cost. Not everyone can pay for college up front, and nobody wants to struggle with debt for their entire lives. That’s why we also ranked some lists based on tuition cost, with other important factors such as the graduation rate and the number of programs offered slightly improving the quality of the rankings.


Find a School based on Exam Pass Rates

Knowing that students who have gone before you have been successful can build your confidence in the program and school you choose to attend. The following pages have been ranked according to the NCLEX exam pass rates so you can choose a school that sets you up for success from the very beginning. Other quality indicating factors such as graduation rate, acceptance rate, tuition, number of online programs, and total enrollment may slightly affect the rankings, pushing the higher quality schools toward the top.


What Kind of Nurse Should I Be?

If you are unsure which program you’re looking for, or even which kind of nurse you’d like to be, you can also check out our career page which features 50 different types of nurses to help you narrow down what you’d like to become! Nobody wants to waste time or money on something they don’t want, so if you’re not sure, take a look at all of your options.


We try our best to be honest and accurate in our representation of every school and strive to gather our information and data only from individual school websites or from the NCES.

Our school rankings are editorially determined and cannot be changed by someone hoping to pay for a better ranking. Sponsored school listings are kept separate and will be clearly marked with a “SPONSORED” tag to distinguish them from our main editorially ranked schools. For questions regarding our rankings or sponsored schools, please feel free to contact us here.

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