Colleges Responses to COVID-19 in Wisconsin

Colleges Responses to COVID-19 in Wisconsin

As the pandemic of COVID 19 swept across the globe, communities united to protect themselves and those treating patients that have fallen ill with the virus. College Responses to COVID-19 in Wisconsin have shown how crucial these institutions are to society. They have long since been established as key institutions for higher education and training but this pandemic has shown how much more they mean to local communities beyond the classroom. Colleges have stepped up with ensuring their students are taken care of, gathering and donating critical supplies, lending out ventilators, and more.

Here are the Colleges Responses to COVID-19 in Wisconsin!

1. Madison Technical College

Community Colleges Responses to COVID 19 in Wisconsin Madison Technical College

While education has moved to a remote online delivery method Madison Technical College has gathered the ventilators normally used in their nursing simulation labs to lend out to local hospitals for use at this time.

They have loaned out ten ventilators to facilities in South-Central Wisconsin. While COVID 19 has spread across the country and facilities are experiences a shortage of supplies Madison stepped up to help with both life-saving ventilators and PPE.

Departments have gathered gloves, gowns, masks, and other PPE.

2. Gateway Technical College

Faculty and staff at Gateway Technical College use PPE in their EMS and other first responders programs on campus. During this time they recognize that the need for the community to have these supplies is much greater, so they gathered all the PPE they normally use in training to donate to local facilities that need it as they fight the pandemic. These donations enable healthcare workers and first responders to stay safe and healthy while they treat patients of COVID 19.

3. Western Technical College

Western Technical College has worked hard to gather all supplies and ventilators that might be needed by local facilities to fight the pandemic and donated them. They recognized that the community need was far greater and they won’t be using them for training purposes during this time when students are finishing their education remotely. Personal protective equipment they gathered and donated included masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and more.

4. Milwaukee School of Engineering

Milwaukee School of Engineering has collected and donated personal protective equipment to alleviate the supply shortage that many facilities are experiencing while they treat COVID 19 patients. They gathered and donated masks, surgical masks, gloves, isolation gowns, head, and shoe coverings, and more. While students are unable to attend class on campus these items are not being used for teaching purposes and Milwaukee School of Engineering felt they would better serve the community by being donated to those who need it most.

5. Alverno College

In the wake of the pandemic of COVID 19 Alverno College has sent students to continue their education remotely through online delivery methods. While students are no longer in simulation labs the personal protective equipment normally used by students is available. Alverno chose to gather and donate all the PPE they had on campus to donate to local facilities to provide for frontline healthcare employees and first responders.

PPE helps keep them safe while they treat patients of COVID 19.

6. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Faculty and staff of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College have gathered personal protective equipment and donated it to local facilities. While the nation unites to fight COVID 19 and protect front line healthcare providers at this time a supply shortage of these items has ensued. Community Colleges like Northeast Wisconsin Technical have stepped up to gather their unopened and unused items to donate them to those who need it most. Ventilators are also among those items that have been lent out to help treat patients of COVID 19 as well.

7. Chippewa Valley Technical College

While traditional on-campus learning has stopped for a short time to curb the spread of COVID 19, Chippewa Valley Technical College has gathered its PPE from various departments to donate to community facilities over responding to and treating patients of COVID 19. They gathered gloves, masks, isolation gowns, head, and shoe coverings, and more. All these items are being donated at a crucial time when supplies are running short and the need protection for frontline responders is greater than ever.


Community colleges’ responses to COVID 19 in Wisconsin have proven the essential role they play in communities in which they are apart. These institutions have provided courses for students to ensure their well-being during uncertain times, they have selflessly donated thousands of items of PPE and ventilators. Communities have benefitted greatly from the role of these unique and affordable institutions play.

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