Oregon College Responses to COVID-19

Oregon College Responses to COVID-19

Stepping up and helping out is what many residents of Oregon have done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Oregon college responses to COVID-19 have proven again why these small institutions for higher learning are crucial to our communities. They not only provide education, but they have been responsible for training many of the healthcare workers on the frontlines including the nurses, EMTs, police officers, and those making personal protective equipment.

Read on to learn more about the details of how these schools are not only dealing with the crisis but rising up to aid those in need.


Oregon Health and Science University

With ventilators in high demand during the pandemic, Oregon Health and Science University has set to work with creating an innovative low-cost ventilator that requires no electricity and can be made with a 3-D printer.

Blue Mountain Community College

Blue Mountain Community College’s nursing program has donated necessary equipment and personal protective equipment in light of the shortage. They donated these along with IV pumps to St. Anthony Hospital. They have also reserved extra hospital beds to donate should the need arise.

Southwestern Oregon Community College

As campuses have closed and turned to remote learning the extra supplies of the nursing program at Southwestern Oregon Community College have all been donated to the Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon. These extra supplies were much needed at the time they were donated from this local community college.

Portland Community College

When Portland Community College heard the governor’s call for help, they gathered up over 12,000 items of personal protective equipment to donate to those fighting the virus on the frontlines. All of these items were donated to local hospitals.

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College has created a fund to help students that have been impacted by the coronavirus. These funds are meant to help them with laptops, technology, rent, food, and other needs during this time. Many students have lost jobs and do not have access to the technology they need to successfully complete their education remotely.

Central Oregon Community College

Central Oregon Community College has set up an emergency student fund to aid students with laptops, technology, and internet service so they can continue their education during this time. Another scholarship fund has also been set up to assist students with tuition and living expenses.

Oregon State University

An academic advisor as Oregon State University has answered the call to sew face masks for healthcare workers that are in need of them. Jennifer McKee will have personally made over 100 masks to donate to Samaritan Health Services.

Crater School of Business Innovation and Science

A graduate of Crater School of Business Innovation and Science spent his spring break creating 70 face shields with his 3-D printer at home. They donated the shields to Jackson County and are making more on request.

Columbia Gorge Community College

Students of Columbia Gorge Community College have access to a variety of services to assist them during this time. They can check out laptops for remote learning and have access to food pantry donations as well to assist them with having enough food during this time. Other resources are available upon applying for them.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon has been conducting research on many fronts of the pandemic, from the impact this will have on families to critical coronavirus testing. The University of Oregon is currently conducting research on how the pandemic will change the new normal of how Americans conduct themselves and return to regular daily activities.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology partnered with Skye Lakes Medical Center to transport ventilators from its state-of-the-art facilities and teaching labs while students are away for remote learning. Oregon Institute is a highly focused university that uses the most up-to-date machines and technology to teach students which they are now sharing with those that need them most.


As the need for a stay at home directives and school closures became apparent to fight the coronavirus, community colleges stepped up to help battle COVID-19 in various ways. The Oregon community college responses to COVID-19 have been vast and varied, from making masks to 3-D printing face shields for health care workers. The financial donations, equipment donations, and time that have been given to help battle COVID-19 have shown how a crisis can bring humanity together to become better.

Is there another Oregon college that has had an amazing response to COVID-19? Let us know so we can recognize them!

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